The Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Review

Nowadays, appliance combinations seem to be the rage, and why not, if you can get a single unit that combines several into one, it would be cost effective, save storage space and help streamline kitchen duties. And this is precisely what the kitchen system was designed for.The ninja kitchen system 1200 is a high powered professional tool for the kitchen that comes in an innovative design and offers outstanding performance It is a multipurpose tool that you can use for controlled processing, blending, ice crushing and purreeing. The Ninja kitchen system is also equipped with the capability to make dough for breads, pretzels, pizzas and cookies that allows you to create any of your recipes with a single touch of the button.

ninja kitchen system 1200

Product : Ninja Kitchen System 1200

Sale Price : $179,99

Ratings : Excellent


The Ninja Kitchen System 1200 Cons

Excellent for making dough

The kitchen system 1200 Ninja is not just a blender but also kneads dough thanks to its special blades. In many cases, kneading dough can be one fo the most tedious kitchen tasks. Whats more, each recipe requires you to make special dough and not many People have mastered this art. The kitchen system Ninja 1200 gives you the freedom to easily bake all kinds of goodies while expending very little effort. You do not have to master all the recipes. The speed of the blades can be adjusted to suit the task. This ensures that you always achieve the desired results.

Powerful Motor And Blades

Typically, blenders have a single blade positioned at the bottom of the pitcher. But such set ups are only good for blending light smoothies. But if you like packing lots of ingredients into the blender, then the kitchen system 1200 may just be what you need. The appliance uses a powerful 1100 watt motor and special blades that run the height of the pitcher to crush virtually anything that you can throw inside.

High Capacity Pitcher

It can handle over 70 ounces of load. This will help you save time on your mixing or blending as you can do everything in a single process. You don’t have to worry bout space either, the appliance comes wit a 72 ounce pitcher which also has its own unique set of features.

  • Kitchen System 1200 Powerful Feature

  • Dish-washable parts for safe and convenient washing.

  • Included dough paddle and hook.

  • Electronic panel for ease of control

  • More stability thanks to the lock suction feet

  • The pitcher is more secure thanks to the snap lock cover for the pouring spout plus the lid lock and has a handle on the lid that provides a firmer grip when pouring thus preventing any mishaps.


  • Few Shortcomings

  • While it does a good job of pureeing, it does not completely liquefy fibrous vegetables and some fruits

  • Due to the blender’s height (approx 17.5 inches) it may not fit under some cabinets.

  • The blender’s square sides occasionally trap food which doesn’t get blended, you will have to scrape down the sides when processing fairly solid foods.



This food processor does an admirable job and its 100 watt motor is the most powerful you can get on the market. It is among the few all-in-one processors that can crush nuts into butter. If you have storage space issues and are looking for an appliance that can perform all the tasks well then then the kitchen system 1200 is not a bad option.


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